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Introduction to Pathology

Last updated:01.05.2015

Name of the Lecture:Introduction to Pathology

Required Prior Knowledge:That you will be having pathology lectures in this committee and throughout phase 3.

Aim of the Lecture:

To give the basic information about pathology, as a discipline, as a medical field, as a speciality, and as a lecture of medical school.

Goals of the lecture:

The students will get information about the lectures of pathology.

The students will have information about pathology discipline and its methods.

The students will have basic information about pathology as a medical field.

Lecture Outlines:

  • What does pathology mean?

  • The methods used in pathology

  • Pathology tries to explain whys and wherefores

  • Pathology is the bridge between basic medical sciences and clinics

  • Contents of general pathology

  • Contents of systemic pathology

  • Type of diseases

  • Etiology

  • Pathogenesis

  • Risk factor

  • Pathology jargon

  • Pathology and epidemiology

  • Diagnostic pathology

    • Macroscopy

    • Microscopy

    • Cytology

    • Immunohistochemistry

  • Who is a pathologist?

    • How can one become a pathologist in Turkey?

    • Are there different kind of pathologist in the world?

    • Are there any subspecialities?

  • Pathology Lectures

    • How will this course go on?

    • How will you be graded?

    • How can I study pathology?

    • Methods to study pathology


  1. Robbins Basic Pathology, 9th edition

  2. Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 9th edition