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  • Attributes of a Pathologist

What makes a good pathologist? First of all, I think you have to be good at pattern recognition... You have to be thorough in your thinking, "Well, if I haven't seen this before, what must I do to try and make the diagnosis? Must I do some more special stains? Must I show it to somebody else? Must I read up in the books about it?" And you have to be quite determined to find out. Paola Domizio (UK)

  • Choosing a Pathology Subspecialty: Have You Considered Patient Contact?

  • This is what we should be doing. Collect, Catalog, Classify and Share. #pathologists are ambitious collectors who make catalogs of diseases. Collections should be mandatory for residents and educational departments.

  • Lauren V. Ackerman: a wit, a rogue, a giant: selected anecdotes

I suggest the #pathologist to keep a copy of this #article by Prof @juan_rosai on your drawer and read it once in a while

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