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  • General pathology hashtag


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  • #SoMe is being used by charlatans claiming to be physicians/ scientists/ experts. Beware

  • There is a "poison pawn" in #SoMe for physicians.

It aggravates ones desire to be famous. One starts to comment on things which they are not expert on; retweets diagnosis/ research/ comments that they are not expert on/ knowledgeable enough. Beware again.

  • I wonder how live tweeting during meetings affect learning.

It is fun

It is good for those who couldn't attend

But does it disturb my learning and are people around me distracted?

Recall feeling shamed when an autovideo played while I tried to tweet

A cognitive study is necessary

Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting


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    The social-media platform is often a tool for procrastination, says Jet-Sing M. Lee. But what else can it be?

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