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Finding Relevant Articles

  • PubMed Journals

  • Bilgi Okur Yazarlığı

  • ReadCube

ReadCube is one of the essentials to follow up the literature. When you install it it scans your computer for the articles and then reccomends you articles with similar topics and authors. One can directly search PubMed and Google Scholar within the program as well.

  • unpaywall

  • Open Access Button

  • scihub

  • Articles in Current Issues of Main Pathology Journals

  • Google Akademik Düğmesi

  • Citeomatic finds new citations for you

  • Storkapp

  • CrossRef

  • worldcat

  • Google Scholar Follow Related Research for Key Authors

  • Semantic Scholar

  • Utopia Documents

  • Lazy Scholar

  • Kopernio

ScienceDirect Topic Pages

  • Ulusal Toplu Katolog